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Using Nicole Kidman to demonstrate the future of advertising on TV

The future of video advertising is via clickable interactive links embedded within the video. I promise. This Nike campaign for it’s new look book is a pretty basic idea but executed really nicely.

Imagine this: You know the Chanel Advert with Nicole Kidman in Paris? Well imagine if you were watching that on your connected television, and at any single point you could use your remote control to stop the advert and it would give you information about what was on screen at that given second.

It would go like this: Nicole Kidman is stood (for example) outside the Eiffel Tower. Wearing a vintage Chanel dress from 1923. The car in the background is a vintage Rolls Royce and she is wearing gold eye shadow (I’m making this up) I pause the video and I can click on any of the above objects and either buy them or find information out about them.

So in pausing the advert during that particular shot and clicking on the Eiffel Tower I am directed to let’s say the Trip Advisor website which pulls in an article about Paris (or a Guardian Travel article, Frommers guide etc). Which ever brand wanted to be associated with ‘Paris’ would pay on a PPC basis.

Then I get bored of looking at Paris, so I click on the dress and I am directed to the Chanel website which gives me a brief history of the dress. In 1923 Coco Chanel wore the exact dress to a party where she talked to Winston Churchill. Didn’t know that before I watched the advert. Wow- I’m starting to like Chanel even more.  I want to buy into the heritage of the brand.  The Chanel website then suggests that I may like the gold eyeshadow. So I buy it online on my internet enabled TV. Chanel eyeshadows are about £18. Now imagine if every advert you watched had every single object and location tagged- you could pause it at any point and buy any object on your screen. Ker ching.

I don’t have time at this moment to think about the moralistic element of this idea/reality by the way. But I will and I’ll re edit the post as and when.

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Augmented Reality; A Beginners Guide, A Stalkers Guide and A Guide Guide

Augmented Reality is in its simplest terms a mixture of ‘real world’ and ‘virtual computer generated imagery.’ To make this guide easier to understand, we will use the mobile phone as the platform on which AR can be used. Take your iphone for example; there are multiple applications that use AR technology to make everyday experiences more interactive to the user. One such application is called ‘Nearest Places’ by across air. To use ‘nearest places’ you simply open up the application and the nearest points of interest will be displayed on your screen.

The technology involved is far too boring to go in to, so instead let’s look at a new application that has come out today. ‘Recognizr’ is an application that allows users to take photographs of people (on their phone) and then lets you find out details about that person such as what social networking sites they are on, their phones number and other personal information. Before all the stalkers amongst you get too excited you have to ‘opt in’ by downloading the app, creating your very own profile and obviously, uploading your photo.

‘Recognizr’ works by using facial recognition, so when a photo is taken of an individual, the information is sent to a database which matches it up to the photo information that the individual has previously submitted.

Here is a video demo

Whilst critics may still be cynical about the usefulness of Augmented Reality, we can be sure that as technology becomes more sophisticated so will AR. Imagine not having to deal with the hassle of trying clothes on in a shop? Your sat nav projecting the exact route for your journey on the road before your eyes? Virtual billboards? The possibilities are endless so take note of the hype; AR is here to stay…

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Augmented Reality at Ted2010

Augmented reality is improving in leaps and bounds. For most people out there; the idea of reading a map has never really evoked a great deal of excitement, but this could be set to change. Look at the things Microsoft are doing with it! The Video is from Ted2010 and really demonstrates the possiblities of AR and the way in which it could change our landscape.Forever. George Orwell eat your heart out……..

A beginners guide to Augmented Reality will be published on Digital Rin$e shortly.

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