Here is the Manifesto from the Northern Lights Presentation I did @ the Digital Media Wrap…Enjoy.

1. Invent and Invest. Invent and Invest. Invent and Invest.

2.Allow digital natives to implement new ideas and provide new solutions to tackle old problems.

3. Increased collaboration and communication through all creative industries.

4.Intellectual property is more attractive than work for hire- a balance has to be struck.

5. Increased investment from industry in young talent. Get them producing work instead of applying for work.

6. Make the North West the Silicone Valley of the United Kingdom

7. A slide in every office

8. Make an efficent platform for bottom up colloborative decision making. Top down decisions stifle innovation.

9. Give industry leaders a platform on which to mentor, advise and nurture talent.

10. Work anywhere. Communicate digitally. Get the job done. 9-5 is a relic from yesterday.

I will upload other key notes from the presentation sharpish. For anybody who was at the Digital Media Wrap event, the tool we used for the presentation was prezi- and Ableton audio software.


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