Social Media and Politics in the US. What lessons can the UK learn?


Current TV are the first show (that I am aware of) who are integrating twitter into their political convention coverage on a bigger scale than ever before. The television station that was founded by Al Gore will be devoting half it’s screen to tweets and they will be curated by producers and categorized into democrat, republican, trending, location etc.

Whilst many shows pull in tweets and direct the audience to hashtags; social media still serves to compliment television shows. Politics, particularly in America is an ideal subject matter for such social integration. 

It would be interesting to see something like this done in the UK. Could it mobilize the apathetic voter or even make politics cool? I don’t think any amount of Instagram filters can make David Cameron look like an attractive vote for the generation of unemployed people in this country but it is a way for broadcasters to act as a conduit between the powerful and powerless. 

Full story from Lost Remote here


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