TRAP.IT my new favourite website.

During an average couple of weeks I go on the following websites religiously:

Tech Crunch
Fast Company
The New York Times
The Guardian
About three thousand food blogs
About four thousand design blogs
The Fancy
Blog pages of ‘freelance social media consultants/brand advisers” whose updates I look at with utter dismay. I do it more to get annoyed by the fact they are being flown first class to NYC to give a presentation on hashtags. #getagrip

ANYWAY, given what I do and what I like, I always find myself researching new trends and TV related stuff, however when the whole of the interwebz is at my disposal it seems shoddy that my online life is so limited. Step forward TRAP.IT.

TRAP.IT has just launched in public beta and uses the same A.I technology as Siri.
You select ‘traps’ of things you’re interested in, such as design, technology, business, or finance and it pulls together the latest articles from across the web. You also create your own traps by searching for a topic. I searched for ‘Trans Siberian’ and discovered some great travel blogs I would otherwise not have known existed.

You ‘like’ the content that appeals to you and over time TRAP.IT will learn what you like and don’t like and give you (hopefully) content that is tailored to you’re interests.

The UI is really nice, it’s easy to sign up using Twitter or Facebook and I think it could change the way people use the web and their reliance on Google.

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