Innovation in Syria; Creating the next Google?

Innovation in Syria, Digital Rin$e looks at how an interesting initiative in Syria could be creating the next generation of Mark Zukerburgs.

Many people think of Syria as a country which violates human rights and suppresses women. BBC 4 aired an interesting documentary last week called ‘Syrian School’ in which it looked at the educational system within Syria. It was a fascinating programme and it was surprising to see the somewhat western approaches that the schools involved employed. The president of Syria’s wife, Asma al-Assad, was born in London and had a successful career in finance before moving back to the county. She founded a project in Syria called Massar which works alongside a larger Middle Eastern scheme called Shabab. Shabab encourages young people to create new opportunities for themselves and aims to foster entrepreneurship. In the BBC 4 documentary Asma al-Assad is seen giving a surprise visit to an all girls school where she visits a class who are involved in brainstorming in order to come up with ideas for a businesses. Later, she tells the girls the importance of their role within Syria, she talks about YouTube and Google and how these were not created in the Middle East. Asma al-Assad goes on to encourage the children to start thinking of innovative ideas that will see the Middle East competing with the rest of the world on a global scale. Could this initiative pave the way for those children to come up with the next Google? Lets hope so.


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